Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bhindranwale is a Terrorist, Badal's govt tells HC

But then the SGPC honours him and other militants just two days later

Punjab’s ruling Akali Dal cannot decide whether it should run with the hounds and hunt the hare or should it join the hares and counter the hounds. But it knows one thing: profit maximisation is best when you can play the hare against the hounds and take both sides at the same time. It is a jungle out there in Punjab, and the Akali Dal seems to be lost in the woods. SAD’s govt has now told the High Court that Bhindranwale was a militant and even the use of his photographs was undesirable activity, but then SGPC puts his portrait in a museum and honors his kin. That too just two days later. Why doesn't the Akali Dal come clean?  

This PUNJAB TODAY edition exposed the dual face of the ruling Akali Dal government.
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