Sunday, February 6, 2011


Upcoming issue of PUNJAB TODAY poses a simple question. Tell us what place are we talking about?

* Rampant Corruption * Massive Unemployment * Zooming Food Prices * Ban on Any Protests * Sales of Cars Up Four Times In Last 5 Years * Cheap Atta-Dal * Bigtime Claims About Growth Rates * A System Hijacked By Thugs

What Are We Talking About? Egypt, of course. Oh, you thought Punjab? Well, you could be right also.
AS IN EGYPT, SO IN PUNJAB. Read in the latest issue of PUNJAB TODAY, hitting newsstands TODAY, February 5, 2011. As millions are thronging the Tahrir Square in Cairo, pitching in even in the dead of the night, adamant on snatching Democracy from a Dictator, you cannot even ask for democracy from our so-called democratic rulers in any chowk in Punjab. Punjab has passed draconian Acts putting a ban on protests, and the state of affairs in Punjab is not very different for most people than what it is in Egypt. So, as you watch things coming to a boil in TUNISIA, YEMEN, EGYPT, think about it: Why Can’t Punjab Be Next?
Youth filled with rage, apathetic regimes, democracy gagged through draconian laws, corruption all around, leaders propped up by money & muscle power, talk of thousands of crores amidst rank poverty.
Enough is Enough is being heard in Cairo's chowks. It is very much the talk in Punjab too.

You can go to Tahrir Chowk and protest. You cannot do that in Matka Chowk in Chandigarh. That's democracy for you.

The latest issue also brings you the unholy secret pact between PAU, Ludhiana and Swiss-based food corporate Nestlé, something that has shocked activists around the country.

Do not miss the latest issue of PUNJAB TODAY for a report on the eyeball-to-eyeball direct confrontation between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and NAC head Sonia Gandhi over food. He has rejected her recommendations, she has rejected his bill, and now date of next clash has been set. This is The Real Roti Issue

PUNJAB TODAY also brings you how a conspiracy of silence has hit everyone after our expose of the huge blunder about Golden Temple Grand Plaza Entrance in which the award-winning model cleared by the SGPC, govt, top architects and IAS officers had the causeway on the wrong side and obliterated the Akal Takht.

Read also our reports on death row convict Devinder Pal Singh Bhullar being sent to mental asylum, the murderous attack on Shera and how the system works, a report on Mirchpur, on the white lies about the Black List and about the passing away of Bibi Joginder Kaur Tohra, with whose death the fragile link with another era has snapped when values and ethics mattered most in politics.

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