Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It's Ravi Sidhu all over again, and much more slush and dirt. Punjab Today raises serious questions about the PPSC SCAM in recruitments in which the Vigilance Bureau has indicted all seven members as guilty. But how is the recruitment of PCS officers connected to the scam? What has Punjab's high accident fatalities rate got to do with the scam? Punjab Today's cover story takes you into the layers of the scam even the Vigilance Bureau is not talking about.

In this season of Cricket World Cup, is it possible that you could have missed on a cricketing icon bigger than Sachin Tendulkar, or Kapil Dev, or, wonder of wonders, Ranjitsinh ji in whose name Ranji Trophy is established? Well, he was one of our top scorers, and he clean bowled Ranji many a time. So much so, that even Dr. B R Ambedkar considered him a hero during his youth. Congress presidents welcomed him. He helped Indian cricket take its first tentative but sure steps when British did not allow an Indian on the cricket ground. Punjab Today brings you the fascinating story of the man who had a deep connect with Punjab: he played in Maharaja of Patiala's team too. Read The Lost Icon in our latest issue.

Punjab Today also engages with the Deathly Tales From A Village in Haryana's Rewari, and asks whether only those are responsible who killed the Sikhs in Hondh-Chiller, or should we also look for the murderers who continued to assassinate the memory of the dead for more than a quarter century? The Assassins of Memories lurk around us.

But amid all this, there's some good news too. Good in a rather strange way. Punjab Government, eager to gather funds for our development, is now offering us all a drink, and forcibly. The government has taken a Sarkari Theka to ensure that we drink more, and anyone resisting be told clearly: It ain't easy to refuse a drink when the government becomes a saki. Read Sarkari Theka in the latest Punjab Today issue.

A top IAS officer, known for his efficiency & integrity clashed with his minister, and was shunted out of the department. Everyone must learn the right lessons from the episode, but is there a lesson for the officer too? Read our story on The Officer Who Dared To Say “No Minister”.

Also, Punjab Today brings you the hot & happening news from the world of media. Who has been transferred, who is being sacked & who is fighting whom? If he media tells you about everyone else, we’ll tell you about the media too.
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